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Join the Feast: Win the World’s Largest Meat Tray!

🥩 Indulge in a Carnivore’s Dream 🍗

Welcome to an unparalleled opportunity that will make meat lovers’ hearts skip a beat! We’re thrilled to present the chance to win the World’s Largest Meat Tray, a mammoth prize that’s all about celebrating the bounty of the land and the art of butchery.

What’s on the Tray?

Imagine laying your eyes (and eventually your grilling tools) on a staggering 190 kilograms of the finest cuts of beef, pork, and poultry. Sourced from local farms and prepared with expert care, this is not just a meat tray; it’s a testament to quality, community, and the love of good food.

The Meat is generously supplied by Smiths Butchery, Casino

More Than Meat

Because we know a prize this big needs somewhere to go, we’re pairing this meaty marvel with a top-of-the-line chest freezer, courtesy of our friends at Oatens. Keep your winnings perfectly preserved and ready for any occasion, from family dinners to grand barbecues.

How to Enter

Don’t miss out on your chance to win this unparalleled prize. Participation is simple:

  • Buy Your Raffle Ticket Today: Secure your chance to indulge in the ultimate meat feast.\
  • Support a Great Cause: Proceeds go towards supporting Casino Beef Week, a celebration of community, agriculture, and local industry.

Prize Details

First Prize: The World’s Largest Meat Tray, valued at $6,000, including:

  • 190kg of Meat: A variety of cuts for every taste.
  • Chest Freezer: To store your bounty, ensuring freshness and quality.

Don’t Wait, Enter Now!

This is more than a raffle; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to stock your kitchen with the finest meats and support the heart of NSW’s beef community. Buy your ticket now and get ready to embrace the ultimate carnivore’s delight!

Join us in celebrating the spirit of Casino Beef Week and the rich agricultural heritage of our community. Good luck, and may the best meat lover win!

Thanks to our Principal Partners

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