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More than 100 events over 11 awesome days!

History – 40 Years of Beef Week

Casino Beef Week has a rich history that reflects the vibrant agricultural community of Casino, a country town in northern New South Wales, Australia. The event has been a significant part of the local culture and traditions, showcasing the region's strong connection to the beef industry.

The inaugural Casino Beef Week took place in 1983, and since then, it has grown into a widely celebrated festival. The primary aim of the event is to promote and celebrate the local beef industry, which plays a crucial role in the region's economy. Over the years, Casino Beef Week has become a major highlight for both locals and visitors, attracting people from various parts of Australia.

The festival typically spans over a week, featuring a diverse range of activities and events. These include cattle competitions, rodeo events, parades, live music performances, and a variety of family-friendly activities. The town comes alive with a festive atmosphere as residents and visitors come together to celebrate the agricultural heritage of the region.

Casino Beef Week provides a platform for farmers, producers, and businesses associated with the beef industry to showcase their products and expertise. It not only serves as an opportunity for networking and business promotion but also fosters a sense of community spirit among the locals.

The festival has evolved over the years, incorporating new elements and attracting a broader audience. Casino Beef Week 2024, scheduled from the 18th to the 26th of May, promises to be another exciting chapter in the history of this beloved event. As the community comes together to celebrate the importance of the beef industry, Casino Beef Week continues to contribute to the cultural fabric of the region, promoting local pride and showcasing the agricultural traditions that define Casino and its surroundings.

Our Previous Themes

Since 1991 each Beef Week has had a Specific Theme, check out all our previous themes below.
1991Create your own theme
1992Australian stories, songs & poems
1993Australian Humor, fictional or lidendary
1994The great aussie weekend
1995An Australian event
1996B & W
1997Fairy Tales, nursery rhymes or childrens stories
1998Song titles
2000Catch phrases, sayings, proverbs – colour Red
2001Centenary of Federation – colour maroon
2002“B” - colour Blue
2003“C” - colour citrus
2004Book and Authors – colour gold and purple
2005Countries of the world – colour colours of the rainbow
2007-not held
2008B & W (Black & White)
2010Wild Wild West
20121982 – Where it all began
2013Aussie Icons
2014Heroes and Villains
2015Disney Movies
2016All Around the World
2017Step Back In Time
2018Celebrate Rural Australia
2019Australian  Made
2020- not held
2021Local Heros
202240 Years of Beef Week - Creating History
2023Stars of the Screen
2024Retro Rewind: Celebrating the best of the 80s and 90s

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