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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter an event?

Casino Beef Week offers over 100 events and invites you to be part of it!

Registrations for all our competitions and events will be open from around March next year and forms can be downloaded or completed online.

There are some events that do not require prior registration, such as the Jnr. Jillaroo & Jackaroo dress ups, whip cracking competition and the car show. Keep an eye on our website for more details

When are events on?

All Beef Week events and times are outlined in our program.

Main events are usually taking place on the same days and time every year.

Please note that entertainment and other events are approximate indications and subject to change.

How do I get to Casino?

There are various transport options to Casino. Please click here to get more information about airport shuttle, car hire, carpooling, shuttle buses, local transport guides, road closures and road conditions.

Where can I park?

During Beef Week, the Casino CBD will be closed off on Friday for the Free Breakfast with the Butcher’s in Walker St and on the main Beef Week Saturday around Barker St, Walker St and Canterbury St.

Parking is available in respective parking areas around the closed off streets.

Throughout the rest of Beef Week, park in the CBD and check out the amazing businesses around!

Are ATMs available?

There are several banks and ATMs in the Casino CBD (Walker St, Barker St, Canterbury St). Please click here to find your closest ATM. There are also mobile ATMs available at some of our events such as at the Beef Week Cup horse and greyhound races on Friday.

Are Events Ticketed?

Casino Beef Week offers over 100 events and most of them are free, so simply turn up on the day and enjoy!

There are some events where tickets are available for purchase prior to the event or on site. These will be listed on our website.

Please find all details in the program and contact the organisers at the venue directly.

Where can I find a Public Toilet?

Public toilets are situated in Walker St. – next to the ANZ bank – and in Walker St. at the Culture & Community Centre.

Please also find public toilets in the Civic Hall on Canterbury St.

Are there entry requirements?

Our events are very popular and/or well booked in advance (if booking is necessary) – especially on Friday and the main Saturday – therefore please ensure good time management when organising your visit, so you avoid disappointments and missing any of the events. Please note that it is up to the individual venues and event organisers to coordinate entry and security, so please contact them directly if you have further questions.

Can I drink Alcohol at Beef Week?

Casino Beef Week is a family and community festival, therefore we encourage you to drink responsibly.

Casino is home to many beautiful bars that you can attend for a drink, or to just sock up the live music, food and atmosphere of old country pubs.

Alcohol consumption out on the streets is strictly prohibited.

What about the weather?

Our annual event is like any other open-air event quite dependent on nice sunny weather, especially for the events on both weekends of Beef Week. However, a bit of rain won’t hurt us and our animals, therefore we encourage you and your family and friends to pack an umbrella or a sun hat if necessary and come to all our events and support the community.

What to do around live animals?

Please keep in mind that our events include livestock and many other animals. While all care is taken, some animals may be unpredictable, so in order to avoid any accidents, please make sure you and your children act responsibly.

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