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Casino Beef Week Promotions Committee Inc. reserves the right to accept or reject any entry and/or to restrict the number of entries in any section.
Casino Beef Week Promotions Committee Inc. reserve the right to publish any photo or video footage of the event, to promote Casino and Casino Beef Week for perpetuity. .
No article of any nature including water may be thrown or handed out from any vehicle. The use of Water Pistols is prohibited. Usage of horns and sirens is not encouraged and should only be used on rare occasions or in emergencies.
No alcohol to be consumed whilst participating in the parade or marshalling area.
Please note display, promotion, marketing or sale of any political or contentious items is not permissible. The Casino Beef Week Promotions Committee Inc, at its total discretion, reserves the right to refuse entry to the parade for the display of any items deemed to breach this clause.
Marshalling will take place at Walker St starting from in front of Casino Police Station. Marshalls will be present from 10 am on Saturday 30 May 2020. Floats will enter the marshalling area and will be allocated numbers once arrived. The procession will move off at approximately 1.45pm. All floats need to be marshaled no later than 12.30pm.


All vehicles must be registered or carry a permit and comply with the requirements of the Motor Traffic Act. All drivers must be licensed.
All parade entries must follow the route marked below. Early u-turning is not allowed (except in the case of emergency service vehicles).
Each float MUST have a sign bearer to walk in front of their float and display their name to the judges/announcer.

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