Have you go what it steaks to be named the 2020 Mr. Beef?

Saturday 30th May, 5.00pm

Who’s ready for an entertaining night full of laughs, cheers and friendly competition? 

It all began in a car park on the back of a beer truck and today the annual search for Mr. Beef celebrates 12 years as one of the most popular events to take place during Beef Week. Ten years ago Event Founder Kenny Woodhams was judging the Beef Week Queen competition and came up with the idea to have something similar for the boys… and it has just been a phenomenon.

It is a great opportunity to come together to have a few beers and a good belly laugh. Contestants have shown everything from leopard print underpants to man-kinis and elephant G-strings. The contestants 1 by 1 bust a move in an attempt to impress the crowd who then determines the winner and cheers for the guy they believe most deserves to wear the famous set of horns that have taken on a sacred status of their own. 

Grab some friends and make a night of it! To enter, contact the Casino RSM Club for further information 02 6662 1666 & we look forward to seeing you there!

Don't forget the Westlawn Rodeo as a great lead in to the Mr. Beef Comp.