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Woodchop Comp

100 Events over 9 Days


9:00 am4:00 pm

Experience the excitement of the Woodchop Competition hosted by the North Coast Axemen’s Association during Casino Beef Week on May 25, 2024! Watch as some of the best axemen in the region compete in a series of thrilling events for impressive prizes.

The competition includes six exciting events, starting with the Frank Newby Memorial 275mm Underhand Handicap and followed by the 275mm Standing Block Handicap. Next up is the Tony Kennedy Memorial 300mm Underhand Handicap, followed by another 275mm Standing Block Handicap. Event 5 is the 275mm 2 Person Combination, and the competition concludes with the Jim Newby Memorial Over 55’s 275mm Standing Block.

With skilled competitors and impressive prizes on offer, the Woodchop Competition is sure to be a highlight of Casino Beef Week. Don’t miss out on the chance to witness these talented axemen in action!

100.9 ZZZ FM

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