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Achieve Australia

Show N Shine Car Show

100 Events over 9 Days

Street Machines to Classic Cars - All on Show


8:30 am1:00 pm


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🕹ī¸đŸŒŸ Get ready to rev up for the totally tubular 2024 Show n Shine at Casino Beef Week, dudes and dudettes! 🌟🕹ī¸

This radical year, we’re stoked to bring the event back to the CBD – a mondo cool spot with extra room to flaunt your rad rides. With 10 gnarly classes, there’s something for every car buff at the Show n Shine.

For the Mustang maniacs, you’ve gotta peep the Mustang Specialty Show (The Pony Show), rolled out by the Clarence Mustang Club. This is your chance to eyeball some primo Mustangs, rap with fellow aficionados, and maybe even snag a trophy.

Check out these 10 rad classes you can rock:

  • Street Machines
  • Veteran Vintage
  • Hot Rod
  • Racing Cars
  • Muscle Cars
  • Sports Cars
  • Classic Cars
  • Modern Classic Cars
  • Mustang Specialty
  • Motorbike of Show

Signing up is a breeze and totally FREE, so don’t bail on this wicked event! 🏎ī¸đŸī¸đŸ’¨

Achieve Australia

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