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Opening Night

Over 30,000 people are expected to attend the annual The Casino Food Co-Op Casino Beef Week when the festival kicks off, May 21

Saturday 21st May 20226:00 pm

Casino RSM

The festival will commence with the official opening gala ball that starts the Casino Beef Week celebrations, which has become one of premier festivals in Northern NSW. 

To be held on the Saturday on the first Beef Week weekend from 6pm, the 2021 official opening will include presentations of all Queen entrants and the crowning of the young woman who will represent the community for the coming 11 days during Beef Week and throughout the year until 2021. Great acts and live music will be the entertainment for the night with an opportunity to taste the best produce that the Richmond Valley has to offer with a delicious dinner.

Tickets for the opening night will be on sale soon.

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