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Sausage Judging Contest

100 Events over 9 Days


7:00 am 


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Hey there, rad butchers of Richmond Valley! Gear up to flex those wicked sausage-crafting talents at the Casino Beef Week’s 2024 Sausage Showdown. We’re on the hunt for the beefiest, most bodacious traditional and gourmet beef sausages in the land, and we want you to bring your A-game to decide the champs.

In the “Classic Beef Sausage Throwdown,” we’re talking sausages packed with classic beef cuts and spices, boasting at least an 80% beefy punch and wrapped in a legit natural casing. The judges will be digging for that primo blend of spices and meat, plus the sausage’s overall vibe and texture.

Switching gears to the “Gourmet Beef Sausage Face-off,” it’s all about those top-shelf beef cuts and out-of-this-world flavor combos. Think cheese, herbs, the wild card of fruits, or veggies to really kick things up a notch. The judges will be on the lookout for your creative genius, how you balance those rad flavors, and, of course, the texture.

This is your moment to shine, show you’re the top butcher in Richmond Valley, and grab the glory at the 2024 Sausage Showdown during Casino Beef Week. Don’t let this epic chance slip by to strut your stuff and compete for the ultimate bragging rights. Jump into the fray and enter the contest now!


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