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Food Stallholder EOI Form
Casino Beef Week 2024

Stall Details
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Stall Requirements
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Terms and Conditions

Stall Details

We will do our best to accomadte your request, but we may only offer some of the selected event. Selecting “Any Event” will mean we may be able to offer additional events not currently listed.

Contact Details

Owner Details

Event Contact Details

Stall Requirements

Stalls that a larger then 3m deep may be limited in placement options.

Power Requirements

Please indicated what power you require access to. Fees and Charges apply for access to Power.

No water is available on-site. Stallholders must bring their own water supply if required.

Additional Stall Details

Media and Promotional Material


To assist us in evaluating your application, please provide the following images if available

Social Media

Additional Information

The following questions are not required, but will provide valuable insights for our team when assessing your application.

Terms and Conditions

(a) Application Process

Stallholders are required to complete and return the Expression of Interest (EOI) application form with all required items. Incomplete applications may not be assessed.

(b) Site Allocation

Sites are allocated based on the EOI assessment, subject to the discretion of the Beef Week Organising Committee. Priority is given to stalls with beef industry-related products and consistent previous attendees.
Stallholders are encouraged to submit their EOIs early. All sites are expected to be allocated by the end of April 2024. The Committee reserves the right to allocate stall/site locations as practical, considering organizing and site availability constraints.

(c) Electricity Requirements

Stalls requiring electricity must clearly indicate this need, including specific power requirements, in their EOI application.

(d) Stallholder Insurance Requirement

  • Provisional Acceptance: Stallholders may be provisionally accepted based on their EOI application even if they do not have current insurance at the time of submission.
  • Mandatory Insurance Before Event: Accepted stallholders are required to obtain and provide proof of Public Liability Insurance coverage before a specified deadline prior to the event. The insurance should cover the entire duration of the event with a minimum coverage amount of $20 Million
  • Deadline for Insurance Proof: The exact deadline for submitting proof of insurance will be communicated upon acceptance. This deadline is critical and non-negotiable.
  • Consequences of Non-Compliance: Failure to provide proof of adequate insurance by the specified deadline will result in forfeiture of the stall allocation. Any fees paid towards stall booking will also be forfeited.
  • Responsibility and Liability: It remains the stallholder’s responsibility to ensure their insurance is adequate and valid. The Beef Week Organising Committee will not be liable for any incidents or damages that arise due to a lack of or inadequate insurance coverage.

(e) Stall Fees

Fees: Stall fees are as per the provided schedule. Fees are applicable per allocated site. For larger stalls (e.g., 6m x 6m), fees will be charged for the requisite number of sites (two 3m x 3m sites in this example).
Site Dimensions: Each standard site measures 3m x 3m. This fixed-size site allocation continues for the event.
Refunds in Case of Site Unavailability: In the unlikely event that a fee is paid but a site is unavailable, a full refund will be issued.
Refund Policy: The Casino Beef Week Board & Organising Committee reserves the right to refuse refund requests under these conditions:
Refund applications made within twenty-one (21) days of the market date.
Inclement weather on any day of the festival.
No-shows by stall operators.

(f) Health and Safety

Compliance with all health and safety requirements is mandatory. All stall and site operators must adhere to the highest standards of safety and cleanliness. This includes ensuring that any equipment used is in good working order and that all activities conducted at the stall are done so in a manner that prioritizes the safety of both the staff and the public. Food stall operators will be subject to inspections by Richmond Valley Council Health Officers.
I understand that as a food stall, I am required to obtain a Richmond Valley Council Food License. Failure to obtain a license will result in the stallholder being unable to trade.

(g) Next Steps

Assessment of Applications: All submitted applications will be thoroughly assessed by the Beef Week Office.
First Round of Offers: The first round of stall offers will be sent out at the end of January. This round prioritizes returning stallholders whose products are directly related to the beef industry.
Acceptance Timeline: Stallholders who receive an offer in the first round will have two weeks from the receipt of the offer to accept and return the required paperwork, which includes a detailed stall agreement.
Subsequent Rounds of Offers: Not being accepted in the first round does not preclude stallholders from being considered for subsequent rounds. Additional rounds of offers will be made as needed, based on space availability and the diversity of products.
Communication: All applicants will be kept informed of their application status and will be notified promptly of any offers or changes.
Late EOIS: If applying after January, your stall will be evaluated in future rounds.

(h) Privacy

Collection of Information: By submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) application, stallholders agree to provide accurate and current information about themselves and their business. This includes contact details, business description, and any promotional materials.
Use in Marketing Newsletter: Stallholder contact details will be added to the Casino Beef Week marketing newsletter list. This inclusion is aimed at providing ongoing updates, opportunities, and news related to the Beef Week event and other related activities.
Promotional Use of Details: Any promotional materials or details provided by stallholders may be used by Casino Beef Week in various marketing and promotional campaigns to showcase their stall, should they be accepted. This includes, but is not limited to, use in brochures, social media, website content, and other marketing channels.
Consent and Right to Opt-Out: By participating, stallholders consent to the use of their information as described. However, stallholders retain the right to opt-out of the marketing newsletter at any time by contacting the organizing committee or through an unsubscribe link provided in the newsletter.
Privacy and Security: The privacy and security of stallholder information are paramount. Casino Beef Week commits to handling all personal and business information securely and in accordance with privacy laws and regulations.

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