NCMC Casino Beef Week Famous Cattle Competitions

Saturday 25th 2019 May from 8.00am

The NCMC Cattle Competitions take place in the middle of the CBD, right in the heart of all the Beef Week Saturday action!

The NCMC Casino Beef Week cattle competitions feature a ‘hook & hoof’ Led Steer Competition and a Stud Beef Cattle Competition. A win in the Casino Beef Week cattle competitions is a prestigious award in the industry and an opportunity for breeders to showcase their best-of-the-best and the exact height of what their cattle’s genetics are capable of producing.

The event gives breeders and the Richmond Valley region a chance to be celebrated for what it is most renowned for- the industry upon which the valley is built.  

With Australia producing some of the best beef in the world the cattle competitions held at on the Beef Week Saturday are an opportunity to celebrate that and really shine both nationally and internationally. 

Steers are judged on the main Saturday and get processed on in time to be ready for the carcass results presentation on the following Tuesday at the NCMC Industry Day at the St. Mary’s Earth Centre. 

Entry forms to 2019 Cattle Competitions coming soon. 

Last years results: