Casino Beef Week Promotions Committee Inc is proud to announce our newest event, Casino Beef Feast 2022 to occur on the Saturday 26th of March 2022 in Casino, NSW. Casino Beef Feast is our community’s own inaugural food festival and focuses on supplier connections throughout the region.

Casino Beef Week Promotions Committee Inc has always had a strong focus on bringing great events to the Casino Community over the past 40 Years and are excited about adding another event to our yearly roster. Casino and Richmond Valley are cornerstones to our Primary Production industries and bringing together the community to celebrate the vast array of produce is a very exciting prospect.

Casino Beef Feast 2022 has been funded via the NSW and Australian Government Bushfire Resilience Funding and is designed to celebrate the whole community and bring us back together after the past few years. The 2019 Bushfires are still fresh in our minds and bringing the community together to celebrate and learn is one of the best actions we can take as a community as we continue to recover.

“Casino Beef Week has always supported our local industries and it is even more important after natural disasters to bring the community together to celebrate, Casino Beef Feast is designed to do just that.” Says Casino Beef Week President Frank McKey.

As part of Destination North Coast’s Festival of Flavour weekend, Casino Beef Feast is our regions keystone event celebrating the wonderful flavours of Casino and the Richmond Valley. Bringing together food, craft, activities, music, workshops and children’s entertainment Casino Beef Feast is going to be the place to be on the 26th of March 2022.

Suppliers, Stalls and Workshops can all register their interest and find out more online at

The Casino Food Co-Op Casino Beef Week 2022 will kick off Saturday 21st of May 2022

Oh what a year it was, with the event being a lot different this year, due to the .... you know what, I am not going to mention it.

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