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Beef Week Apron

Celebrate culinary passion with this durable cotton twill apron, commemorating the esteemed Beef Week. Designed for both aspiring and seasoned chefs, this apron isn’t just about protecting your clothes; it’s a symbol of your love for quality and tradition. Perfect for grilling, cooking, or hosting, it’s an essential accessory for any kitchen maestro. Features: Premium […]

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Beef Week Enamel Mug

Sip in style with this “Beef Week” enamel mug, a durable and retro addition to your kitchen collection. Celebrating the rich heritage of Casino, NSW since 1982, this mug is not just a container for your favorite drinks; it’s a piece of memorabilia. Whether it’s coffee at sunrise or soup by the campfire, this enamel […]

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Beef Week Keyring

Unlock convenience and style with the Casino BW Key Ring. Not just a means to organize your keys, this elegant accessory doubles as a bottle opener, making it a perfect blend of form and functionality. Crafted for durability and ease, this key ring is designed to complement your daily routines and resonate with Casino’s vibrant […]

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Beef Week Tea Towel

Embrace the spirit of Casino Beef Week with this charming and practical cotton twill tea towel. Expertly crafted from premium 180gsm cotton, it promises superior absorbency and durability. Not just a kitchen accessory but a keepsake, this tea towel celebrates the community and the vibrant festivities of the last week of May in Cattle Country.

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The Original Beef Week Shirt

PLEASE SELECT LOCAL PICKUP – DELIVERY REQUESTS MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE PRIOR TO BEEF WEEK 2023 Pre-Order Now: The Iconic Beef Week 1982 Shirt is Back! We’re thrilled to announce the return of a beloved classic! Dive into nostalgia with the original Beef Week 1982 shirt, now available for pre-order. Whether you’re a long-time attendee […]

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2023 Casual Logo T-Shirt

LIMITED STOCK – GRAB YOURSELF A BARGIN Crafted with premium soft cotton, this t-shirt offers unbeatable comfort while showcasing your passion for all things Beef Week. Our fun and colourful print on the back featuring local legend Brenda and Sirloin are made of durable material.

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2023 – Navy Blue Polo Shirt

Step into the scene with a slick polo that’s all about comfort with a side of cool. These threads are a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, making ’em perfect for hanging loose or going about your biz. Decked out with a nifty Beef Week logo stitched right over the heart, it’s a low-key […]

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2023 Casino Beef Week – Trucker Hat

Get ready to cruise in classic style with the Casino Beef Week Trucker Cap, dude! With a choice of bodacious Navy-Blue or radical Beige, this cap’s got a breathable mesh back to keep your noggin cool when the heat is on. The front brim’s like your personal shade, keeping those sunny rays at bay. It’s […]

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Stubby Cooler – Beef Week

Hold on to your mullets and grab one of these rad stubby coolers! Wrapped in a gnarly design that takes you back to the tubular times of the ’80s, each one is stitched with the legendary SIR LOIN — the bovine boss of Beef Week. Crafted from righteous, long-lasting materials, these bad boys are perfect […]

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